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We welcome you to this place of rest, laughter, growth and joy.   We believe that God is most clearly known where diverse people seek new insights, question hurtful assumptions, employ a multiplicity of images for the Divine, and create a warm, welcoming and inclusive community in the name of Jesus Christ.

Be you member, friend or a visitor for the first time, you are welcome. We seek to be inclusive and welcoming of all.  It is faith that defines us and gives us hope in a world that is crazy and confused.  Come with us and make sense of this world in a group of those who call themselves Christian.

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).   

Babcock Online

Babcock offers opportunities to join in worship and/or bible study online

Our worship services and Tower Series events are streamed live on YouTube which you can access by clicking the "Watch Via YouTube" button. Our Bible Study and Prayer Meetings can be joined via Zoom (Wednesdays at 7pm) by clicking the "Join Via Zoom" button. You may be asked for a Meeting ID/passcode on Zoom. If so, please enter the following: Meeting id: 4108253314, passcode: 21286

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sunday Worship begin at 10:00 a.m.  Come in time to experience the inspiring prelude music that leads us into worship.  We hope you will plan to stay for the fellowship time that follows worship.  It is in the Sanctuary with coffee, tea, drinks and cookies.  But most of all, with warm conversation and greeting.


Please feel free to wear your most comfortable clothes. Whatever you wear, you will be welcomed here!

Parking is available in front of the church.  There is a designated handicapped parking on the street that runs along the side of the Sanctuary

There are several ways to enter the building.  We recommend that visitors enter the deep red Sanctuary entrance.  Ushers, church members, and building sign age will direct you to where you need to go.

Yes, we have several handicapped parking spaces available in the parking lot and there is handicapped parking marked on the Loch Raven street parking lot.

handicap accessibility in to the church?

At Babcock, we want all of God’s children, at every age, to be welcomed and engaged.  For the youngest, and usher can direct you to the Nursery/Child Care room.  Our Childcare Coordinator is there to provide a fun, safe, and consistent presence for the children.

Yes!  We invite all those who place their faith in Jesus Christ and seek his strength to share in communion with us. You don’t have to be a member of Babcock Church or even a Presbyterian.  Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month, on Ash Wednesday, and Thursday of Holy Week.

No.  The offering provides a way for members and friends to support the life and ministry of the church.  If you feel led to contribute, you certainly may, but please don’t feel you must.  You are our guest.  You bless us with your presence.

As Presbyterians, we baptize people of all ages, from infants to adults. If you have never been baptized, or if you would like your child baptized, talk our pastor. If you have already been baptized, we do not believe that you need to be baptized again, although we can.

We would be thrilled to welcome you into our church family!  Speak to the pastor for information.

There are three ways to become a member:

  1. Profession of Faith is the first and most significant step a person takes in his or her faith journey. At this time the individual receives Jesus Christ into his or her life and professes that reception before the worshiping congregation. Baptism is administered if the person has not already been baptized as an infant or child.
  2. Letter of Transfer when a person has been active in another church and requests for us to obtain a Letter from that church.
  3. Reaffirmation of Faith is for those who have made a Profession of Faith and were once involved in a church but have been inactive for some time.  They now wish to reaffirm their faith.